Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Investment Services, Inc.

Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Investment Services Inc. (Spectrum Commercial) offers full service real estate brokerage to clients seeking the highest level of service in Commercial Real Estate. We , at Spectrum Commercial, have worked for years in the area of real estate investments, syndication, property management and commercial real estate brokerage. There was time when we worked for small firms and then progressed our way up to hanging our licenses at the 600 lb gorilla for multifamily residential buildings. In that time we kept saying to ourselves “we can do this better”, “there must be a better way” and so the idea of Spectrum Commercial was formed.

Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Investment Services Inc. offers real estate brokerage and property management services. We are investors just like you with real world concerns like just like you have. Today’s market presents lots of challenges for any investor/property owner. This “new” normal will present plenty of opportunity with all the challenges. Hang around because we are just getting started.

California Department of Real Estate License #01849899